VIET NAM SUPPLY Company was established in 2010. VIET NAM SUPPLY is manufacturer & exporter of all kinds of Raw for mushrooms cultivation, animal bedding, animal feed, fertilizer and fuel...

We manufacture and supply export quality mushroom growing products including Organic Sawdust, Corn Cob Meal, Shaving Woods, Wood Pellets, Baggasse silage, corn silage, cocopeat, pineapple skin silage.

Our buyers are mainly  from South Korea, Japan. Viet Nam is an agricultural country; therefore a huge quantity of the crop wastes is easily available at low cost, which could be converted in to edible mushrooms, by using separately or in combination. After satisfying hundreds of customers in South Korea & Japan, VIET NAM SUPPLY is known as leading supplier of Organic sawdust, Corn cob meal, Shaving Woods, Wood pellet.

Our current target is to cooperate with the inbound and outbound partners in exporting the agricultural goods, doing bilateral business with oversea customers as well as drawing up the Project of Building the agricultural products processing for export-import. Moreover, we will also support to farmers with the transplants, agricultural materials and cultivating technique in order to meet all the requirements of the customers and increase the productivity of the farmers.

We are pleased to welcome all the cooperation and the help of the farmers and domestic and foreign customers.

      * ABOUT US :

VIETNAM SUPPLY Company was established in September, 2010 with the Managing Director – Ms. Dang Hue Trinh (Ruby). It started the business from 2009s, like other companies, from the difficulties and shortage of capitals. The company has developed in the challenges, upheavals and the opportunities in the market. Thanks to the worthy experiences from the reality, sensitive to the information and new technology, the profound recognition of the prestige in the relationships, the company orientates to the simple and effective working method based on linking the SMS to exploit the big opportunities with the low cost, the great competitiveness and the substantiality.


               1)      Providing the information of the product.

               2)      Sending the offer, quotation.

               3)      Sending the sample.

               4)      Online transaction.

        We enhance the online transaction to save the customers’ time in searching and considering the products so that we can go to the final contract. We always support the customer by online and offline. The main online transaction tools are email, chat, transacting floor, etc.

        The customers who don’t use the online transaction can call for us to have all the information of the products or arrange the appointment with our consultant to discuss. We also can organize the meeting for the partners at our office.


At each farm and processing warehouse, the technical inspectors will test and select the qualified products. Hence, the selected products will be delivered to the factory to classify and store up. This method will reduce the loss in delivery and ensure the quality after harvesting.


Due to the wide purchasing agency net in all the farms, the company has purchased, processed and stored partly in the purchasing branches. When the orders are placed, the products will just be delivered to the warehouse to classify, test the quality and pack.


Due to the huge quantity, wide allocation of the products in the purchasing branches, VIET NAM SUPPLY still stores up the big and stable amount of products without large warehouse and many workers.


We can accept the deliver the goods before payment. Also, we will consider all the payment requirements of the customers.


Due to the above method, all the cost in purchasing, processing and delivery is very low. Moreover, the loss in delivery will be limited in maximum. With farmer labor and rural estate in production, VIET NAM SUPPLY has taken advantage of the low cost and the preferential policy of the Government.


The initiative and stability are the key factors of the strong finance. The support from the Banks in consulting international payment and exporting credit is the important lever in performing the high value exporting contracts.


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